Global – Local Company: International Capacity, In-Depth Local Knowledge

At a time when most companies operate solely in their local region while others work globally, SBI combines the benefits of local expertise with worldwide reach. We recognize the importance of integration with the communities where we operate and initiate activities that improve social welfare.

With deep knowledge of the regional markets where we operate, SBI has rich experience recruiting highly-skilled, professional manpower; acquiring quality materials; and establishing long-term business relations with regional suppliers and service providers. From laws to cultural norms, our extensive knowledge stretches across the globe. With our widespread international deployment, SBI supports its branches and subsidiaries in a variety of areas such as connections to entities, importation of specialized equipment and materials, the recruitment of a highly skilled workforce; as well as financial, legal, organizational, and management support, and more.

Turnkey Services: Design, Construct, Operate

SBI’s turnkey services are built on the pillars of comprehensive solutions, better value for your money, and substantial benefits. SBI maximizes each stage for a quicker and more effective building process, from conception and preliminary design through final blueprints. Our turnkey projects are made to adhere to project requirements, timelines, and the highest quality standards thanks to our 360-degree approach.

When a project is complete, clients can begin implementation immediately. Alternatively, subject to project terms, SBI can carry on and manage operations. At the end of this phase, SBI transfers the project back to the client.

Project Finance Network: From Export Credit Agencies to Investment Funds

Today, the growing requirements and compliance for global infrastructure investments create more complexity in financing projects across numerous sectors – including transportation, energy storage and transmission, power plants, water supply, and telecommunications. Governments, private sector -companies, sponsors, and developers seek comprehensive, long-term financial solutions to make projects viable and expedite their start.

SBI creates the proper financing structure for each project using its extensive financial expertise and decades of experience to create financial solutions that are customized to our client’s needs. Pre-finance is the first step in our thorough process, which also includes financial identification, term negotiations, technical and financial analysis, and post-finance.

Our knowledge of financial markets and close relationships with international financing entities, export credit agencies, and investment funds make SBI capable of securing loans with the most attractive economic terms.

PPP Projects & Equity Investments: The Shikun & Binui Advantage

Public-private partnership (PPP) projects are the modern solution for building public infrastructure and optimizing collaborations between the public sector – states, governments, local authorities, and private sector participants. Common PPP projects include airports, energy plants, train rails, toll roads, and much more.

The PPP model harnesses the relative advantages of the public and private sectors. These projects share risk between partners and lower public costs by assigning high preliminary expenses to the private partner. Using private sector funds, PPP projects reduces the need for capital raising through public budgets.

With our decades of experience with PPP projects, SBI and our parent companyShikun and Binui Concessions, bring together the essentials for bringing to life public projects. Our resources enable successful completion and operation over the course of a project’s whole life. These include knowledge, capability, capital- raising capacities, skilled management, and highly skilled professional manpower (Employees).

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