Our Heritage

SBI’s history spans 70 years, four continents, and a wide variety of infrastructure projects. Our Parent Company started out in the heart of Israel about a century ago, and today we are a top global Engineering contractor. The Shikun & Binui Holding Company launched Solel Boneh as its sole subsidiary in the 1920s to serve the growing Jewish community in Israel during the British Mandate.

Solel Boneh’s services at first – a modest Workers Union, gradually became integral to the developing landscape of the Nation. Shikun & Binui developed, throughout the ensuing years, and was among the first Israeli Company to branch out into other Countries. The Company has grown to include twenty-two (22) Nations and seven (7) subsidiaries since its foundation.

From these prosperous beginnings grew SBI International Holdings AG, the international infrastructure branch of the Shikun & Binui holding group. SBI is proud of her high-profile infrastructure projects across North America, Central America, Central Europe, South America, and Africa, bringing our reputation for excellence, comprehensive services, and exacting approach everywhere we do business.

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