Quality Standarts

Quality Standards

SBI handles major complex major buildings that span the entire spectrum of engineering and construction services, bringing quality to every aspect. With more than seventy (70) years history of providing innovative and quality solutions, we make sure that every infrastructure projects serve communities, boosts economies, and results in long-term cost savings.


Full-service engineering

SBI offers comprehensive engineering services. Our all-encompassing strategy incorporates the highest environmental requirements designed for construction, funding, and research. Our package includes precise plans for each party’s obligations and activities When working with Governments and other entities in Joint Venture projects (JV’s) guaranteeing that there are no unforeseen circumstances or missed expectations.

Reliability in an unreliable environment

One of the greatest challenges developing countries face when undertaking infrastructure projects is obtaining a reliable supply of materials and machinery. SBI’s approach to civil works includes supplying materials, equipment, manpower, and, above all, expertise. With decades of experience as an International civil engineering firm, SBI has cultivated the extensive industry knowledge needed to manage everything from supply to equipment operation. Additionally, SBI responds rapidly to evolving situations because it has a sizable inventory of heavy equipment

Quality materials

By operating our own quarries and processing plants to produce raw materials with our equipment, we ensure a timely and adequate supply of quality raw materials such as aggregates, asphalt, and concrete.


ISO 9001 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). SBI uses this standard as our benchmark for consistently providing products and services to meet our customers’ and regulatory requirements.

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