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Pave Your Way Forward

Bridging rivers, laying vast kilometres of road, raising flyover junctions, paving pathways, SBI has linked nations, communities, and people. Using our decades of experience in all areas of infrastructure construction and rehabilitation, we have laid paths towards economic growth and safety all over the world.

SBI provides comprehensive solutions, starting with feasibility studies and environmental assessments, moving on to planning, detailed design, and construction, and ending with completed projects that facilitate traffic flow, offset environmental damage, decrease road congestion, strengthen structural integrity, and more.

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Road & Bridges Projects

SBI offers

Customized services

Every infrastructure project must uniquely address a wide range of variables – from local topography and weather to materials and projected usage volume. Having built power dams from Guatemala to Ghana, SBI develops site-specific, state-of-the-art systems that meet your needs now and in the future.

Advanced expertise

After seven decades in this business, our approach leverages only the most up-to-date technology and know-how when it comes to Engineering, Construction, logistics, and materials. This innovative approach consistently helps to speed efficiency, increase durability, and decrease overall cost.

Turnkey projects

  • SBI handles all projects end-to-end, performing feasibility studies, preliminary and final designs, procurement, construction, and equipment installation.
  • When a project is complete, we turn over operations and maintenance to the supervising authority – providing backup documentation to assist with the day-to-day.

Commitment to sustainability

As we construct renewable solutions like hydroelectric and thermal power dams, we also approach our business sustainably. In promoting sustainable development, we strive to mitigate our ecological footprint and create shared value for the company and its stakeholders everywhere we do business.

Ready machinery

Complex power infrastructure projects don’t come along every day; they are capital-intensive, requiring expensive machinery in limited supply. By owning our own extensive fleet of advanced machinery, we can bring the right equipment to your site at the appropriate time, helping to alleviate costs, facilitate your project, and avoid delays.

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